Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cole Family Christmas

Cole Family Christmas by Jennifer Liu Bryan

This is a beautiful book about a family living in Blenham, Kentucky in 1920. The father is a coal miner and has just been promoted to foreman. This means that each of the 9 children can pick one gift from the wish book for Christmas. The children realize that they are not wealthy and it is interesting how each picks their wish.

Coal mining is dangerous and at the Christmas Eve company party the children learn their father must work that evening to load one last train. There is also a blizzard. How will Santa find his way?

Christmas morning brings gifts from the heart and what is really important in life.

The illustrations are wonderful and full of life. I just wish there were a few more of them. The book brought back a lot of memories as as a child I too was allowed one wish from the wish book.

First Line: "The Cole house was strangely quiet"



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