Monday, November 10, 2008

Man of the House

Man of the House by Ad Hudler

Linc Menner is the stay-at-home parent of Violet Menner, now 13. The Menners have recently moved to Naples, Florida to accommodate Jo Menner's job as a top executive in several area hospitals. Instead of settling for a condo they have bought a house which requires lots of renovations. The renovations are going extremely slowly as sub-contractors or supplies do not show up.

Linc has been the perfect housekeeper. His meals are nutritious and supplies never run out. Violet is well tended to. Linc is getting to talk to males on a daily basis. Clearly these contractors do not care about gourmet cooking or cleanly houses. Linc finds himself getting sick of 'Girlyland'. When one of the sub-contractors makes a disparaging remark, Linc embarks on a transformation.

Violet is growing up and distancing herself a little but is bewildered when her Dad lets her drink pop and puts a meal cooked in a pressure-cooker on the table. Linc hits the gym to buff up his abs and starts hanging out with the guys.

Jo works long hours and frequently has to travel away from home. She feels her marriage is getting stale. When Linc is not at home as much she has to fill the vacuum caused by his absence.

Jessica, Violet's English teacher, is increasingly interested in Linc. She ends up stalking Linc and involving Violet by getting her to blog about her father.

Man of the House is told in four voices: Linc, Jo, Jessica and Violet. It is interesting to have the four voices as each of them see a situation differently. Although Linc does not formally recognize his transformation, each of the characters notices different things. Each character is forced to come to terms with the changes in Linc and how they react and compensate. The Menners all change and learn how to fit together as a family again.

Throughout the story there is a threat of a category 5 hurricane. Linc at first goes completely overboard in preparation. I found this part hilarious as I imagined Violet walking though the neighbourhood collecting coconuts.

This book is a sequel to Househusband but is a stand-alone read. It is a funny, light, very enjoyable read.

First Line: "One of my favorite things to do is cut out pictures from magazines and make collages."



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Jeane said...

Sounds pretty funny. I haven't read Househusband (or heard of it before) so I'm glad to hear this one stands alone.