Thursday, November 13, 2008


Ritual by Mo Hayder

Phoebe (Flea) Marley, a police diver, finds a severed hand in the Bristol Harbour. She finds it strange that someone could see the hand through the murky water. Her persistence in finding out where the hand came from locates its mate, also severed under the door of a restaurant. Now what about the person those hands belong to.

DI Jack Caffery has moved from London and is put in charge of the case. Jack has moved to Bristol after the death of the man who had murdered his brother. His demons are dead but they refuse to leave him alone. He can not settle. He can not form relationships except with drifters and hookers.

Flea has her own demons. Her parents lost their lives in a diving accident in Africa. The case involves drug addiction, African and tribal muti, and ritual mutilation.

I found the characters very dislikeable. In the past I felt sorry for Caffery but this time felt he was just too weird. The same could be said about Flea, just very weird. This book was not up to the caliber of Hayder's other books but still a great read

First Line: "Just after lunch on a Tuesday in May and nine feet under water in Bristol's 'floating harbour', police diver Sergeant 'Flea' Marley closed her gloved fingers round a human hand."



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