Friday, April 13, 2007

The Colour of Magic - Terry Pratchett

The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett
Fantasy (BBC # 93)

It is hard to describe what this book is about without sounding crazy. So I'll start with the basics. This is one of the first books of the Discworld series by Pratchett. It's the first in the series of the Rincewind books. Rincewind is a wizard who flunked out of wizardry school and only knows a single spell (but doesn't know what it does). He is appointed to take care of Twoflower, a "tourist" from far away who has come to experience all of what Discworld has to offer. Wherever Twoflower goes, his luggage follows along - with lots of little legs and nasty teeth ready to snap at any theif. The pair get themselves into a lot of trouble, yet they keep escaping Fate (an actual character in the book).
The book was quite confusing at the very beginning. There were too many characters and too much going on. Also, since this is a fantasy book, it took me a while to wrap my mind around this world that Pratchett created. Unfortunately, he doesn't give you time to absorb the world, which results in a bit of confusion.
Pratchett obviously has a great sense of humour. This came out in the book. I specifically liked his "Big Bang" theory and other plays on words that he has in the book.
Overall, however, this was a bit too crazy for my tastes. I have a couple other books in the Discworld series and I'm not too sure if I want to continue. I guess I should give the series more than one chance, so I probably will. Especially since the ending of The Color of Magic is a cliff hanger (which I despise in books! BLAH!)




Jenny said...

o.O I don't know if I'm going to read this book. Not a big fan of magic books gah!

Lauren said...

In defense of the book, it was nominated as the 93rd best book that you should read by BBC! And it was quite whitty. Just... really weird lol

nimrodiel said...

The Colour of Magic, because it is one of the earlier books in the series is one of the harder ones to get into. As the series goes on, Pratchett spends alot more time developing the world the books are set in. But I'll warn you, there are usually quite a lot of charecters running around in the stories...

my recomendation is to try reading a few more before you give up :)

Lauren said...

Thanks nim!
Since I have a couple of his other books I'd figure I would read them and see how things go.

Kim said...

I've read a handful in the series and if you're a of zany humor, witty trivia, and deadpan satire then you'll probably get hooked.

I'd recommend Small Gods (a precursor to the premise in American Gods by Neil Gaiman), Thief of Time (What would happen if time were a person), Interesting Times (crotchety old men save the world), and Carpe Jugulum (witches meet vampires).

Unknown said...

Unless one counts Strata, The Colour of Magic is the first of the Discworld series.

The Discworld is actually remarkably like Earth but with the addition of several other species (Trolls, Dwarves, etc.) and magic. Something you may find difficult are the allusions to England. English TV commercials and such like. Unfortunately, if you aren't familiar with them then the humour within the implication will completely pass you by.

The series is worth persevering with. The characters develop as the series progresses.

Oh yes, magic is there, but it doesn't get used much, in fact, the wizards go out of their way not to use it.

Please, keep reading, they are worth the trouble. :)