Friday, May 18, 2007

Twilight Children

Twilight Children by Torey Hayden

Torey Hayden is an amazing author. In this book she chronicles the lives of three separate people.

Cassandra is a seven year old child abducted by her father and subjected to the most horrifying of experiences. She is understandably a very angry child. Torey documents her journey towards helping Cassandra work through her problems. Cassandra pysche manifests itself to be multiple people. Hayden is patient and it is interesting to see what works.

Drake is a charismatic 4 year old who has never talked but seems to be well balanced and understood. Hayden spends a lot of time trying to get Drake to talk to her as he does to his mother. Hayden is more upset about this case as it is a form of abuse also. At first I did not understand why this was considered abuse but grew to feel the effects Drake's elders had on him.

Gerda is a elderly stroke victim who also chooses not to talk. How can Hayden help her. The compassion and caring Hayden has clearly shows as she tries to understand Gerda and help her. The sad part of Gerda's story is how the elderly lose their whole life as they lose their functions

Another great book by Torey Hayden



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