Sunday, May 18, 2008

This Calder Sky

This Calder Sky by Janet Dailey

This book is #3 in the Calder series. Chase Calder is the latest in the dynasty of Calders. He has grown up knowing he will inherit the ranch and the acres and acres of land. Maggie O'Rourke is a neighbour. She lives on a small ranch and her father and brother are extremely envious of the Calders. Chase takes Maggie's virginity and innocence. Maggie's father loses it and starts rustling Calder cattle. What results is an action that may never be forgiven. Maggie also doesn't want just the ranch life, she wants to make something of herself.

I found Chase to be extremely arrogant, almost to the point of wishing the bad guys would win out. I was very sympathetic to the criminals which I don't think was the desired result of the book. The romance part of the story was a little slow at times but still kept me interested enough to finish the book

First Line: "Beneath a clear sky, the Montana plains rolled to the far horizon in an undulating sea of grass"



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