Saturday, June 28, 2008

Maggie Again

Maggie Again by John D. Husband

Maggie is very happy and carefree in 1926 when her father gets a dream investment job and moves from a farm in Cobbler's Eddy, Indiana to New York City. Maggie's three friends jump a boxcar to go visit her. They get locked in the boxcar and end up arriving in 1984 just as Maggie is retiring from her job as an office manager in an insurance company, although they feel only a few days have passed.

Maggie's Dad made a fortune and lost a fortune in the stock market crash and Maggie's life was not as idyllic as she would of wished for. John D. Husband relates Maggie's life, telling the reader what has happened until her retirement at the age of 74.

Maggie teaches her friends about the changes that have occurred in the intervening years and then decides to return 'home'. The three boys jump off the train to make the return journey shorter and even 74 year old Maggie does, catapulting her back to 1926. Maggie is once again the sweet 16 year old girl. Will history repeat itself or can it be changed? How will Maggie get anyone to believe in her fantastical journey?

I thoroughly loved this book. It is a charming, delightful story. This is a great debut novel and I will look forward to the next

First Line: "The Village of Cobblers Eddy, Indiana is just a collection of houses, shops and barns strung along a two lane concrete road and surrounded by rolling farmland that extends to the horizon in all directions."



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