Friday, October 02, 2009

Shadow Prey

Shadow Prey by John Sandford

Sam and Aaron Crow have a motive when they send out three Indians equipped with ceremonial obsidian knives to kill a person in NY, one in Oklahoma and one in Minnesota. The motive is that each of these people have committed injustices against Indians.

Lucas Davenport and Lily Rothenberg, a NY cop, must determine what is going on before an important FBI person is murdered.

The Crows have a son, Shadow Love. He is a psychopath who has his own agenda and it involves Lucas and Lily.

Sandford writes a gritty police mystery. Lucas is a rich cop who invents and sells games during his off hours. Lily is the perfect reluctant love interest.

First Line: "They were in a service alley, tucked between two dumpsters."



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