Monday, November 23, 2009

Out at Night

Out at Night by Susan Arnout Smith

Grace Descanso has gone on vacation with her daughter and her daughter's father who has just recently found out about his daughter. Grace is feeling very conflicted over the relationship with him and over the budding relationship between him and her daughter.

In the middle of all this, a professor is found murdered in a field of genetically modified (GM) soybeans. He has been shot with a crossbow bolt and on his cellphone is the start of a text message to Grace. Grace is a former doctor now working with the crime lab. The FBI and specifically her uncle feels no remorse in pulling her from her vacation to help them. Grace's uncle is the FBI agent in charge of the murder investigation and in charge of keeping control of the extremists at the conference.

Is Professor Bartholomew's murder simply that or is it the start of some terrorist plot?? The world is converging for a agricultural conference and the extremists are out in full force.

This book is a sequel to The Timer Game and I wish I had read that first as there were times I just got lost in Grace's personal life. I don't know whether it was because I hadn't read the first book or because there was too much going on in Grace's life. I felt I didn't 'bond' with Grace.

I found the mystery part of this story gripping and extremely interesting. The information about GM crops was both frightening and fascinating.

First Line: "She'll call the police if I don't come home."



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