Tuesday, February 09, 2010

McNally's Alibi

McNally's Alibi by Lawrence Sanders

Archy McNally is hired to be the go-between for the wealthy collector Fortesque and the seller of Truman Capote's original manuscript of Answered Prayers. The problem is Archy is conked on the head and loses both the manuscript and the money and furthermore a man is found dead in the room where he had just concluded the deal.

Enter Georgia O'Hara, the beautiful cop in charge of the murder investigation. Archy has no trouble in securing a date, of course only to discuss the case. At the same time he hopes to make Connie his long-time girlfriend jealous. Connie has been dating a dashing Cuban and seems to be losing interest in Archy.

At the same time the abandoned Beaumont house has been seen to have lights flickering in the windows. Ty Beaumont wants Archy to see if it is really his dead twin's ghost.

The McNally stories are always over the top but I think this time it is a bit much. Archy dates the cop who is investigating him as a suspect. Come-on! Also the stories seem to be very convoluted. The Beaumont case seems to just a bit of added fluff in case the main story was not enough. Archy this time appears to be a bit desperate instead of being the cad he is

First Line: "My potential client was a Ms. Claudia Lester."



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