Thursday, March 04, 2010


Hush by Kate White

Lake Warren is going through a messy separation with her husband Jack. After settling for shared custody he is now suing for full custody of their two children. Things, however, are going well with her job at a fertility clinic as a marketing consultant. The fertility clinic specializes in helping the over-forty crowd conceive. When the new doctor on staff Dr. Keaton starts flirting with her Lake responds and finds herself in his bed. But the next morning finds him with his throat slashed and Lake find herself in a world of trouble.

Not wanting anything to hinder her custody case, Lake does not go to the police and indeed lies about her whereabouts. Lake feels the only way out of her dilemma is to find the killer herself. With the police questioning her, Lake starts to question people at the clinic and snoop into clients' files. This seems to put her more and more into danger as she starts to discover some shady dealing at the clinic.

Lake must now keep track of what she has told the police and others and what is the actual truth. Lake is constantly second-guessing herself between what she can tell the police and what she has found out. The reader is kept on the edge of their seat wondering if Lake will slip up and who killed Dr. Keaton and why

This was a wonderful mystery full of deceit, revenge and dark secrets. Several times I wanted to peek ahead and find out who did it. Kate White delivers a real page-turner.

First Line: "Pain woke her, forced open her eyes."

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