Friday, May 21, 2010

The Eternal Ones

The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

Haven Moore is a troubled young woman. She has had visions all her life although she has had some counseling to try to control them. Her visions are of a man named Ethan in New York and herself in a fire.

Haven lives in Snope City, Tennessee. She is a senior at high school and is an outcast from her classmates due to her visions. She lives with her heart-broken mother and her dictatorial grandmother. She makes money designing prom dresses with her best bud, Beau. While watching TV one night she sees heart throb Iain Morrow and faints. She knows that he is her destiny and has to find a way to meet him. Her grandmother concerned that Haven's visions are occurring with increasing frequency wants her to go back to counseling with her local preacher. When one counseling session leads to some violence Haven's grandmother hints at a mental institution commitment and the other students in the high school shun Haven and cancel their dress orders. Haven is more determined than ever to get to New York and find out what her visions are about. Her mother gaining a momentary backbone hands her a box put together by her dead father collating all the information about her visions. Is it a past life she remembers? The box leads her to think that either Iain or The Ouroboros Society can maybe help her.

This book is about good and evil, love and betrayal and whether love transcends all.

First Line: "Haven was back."


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