Friday, November 05, 2010

Lost Light

Lost Light by Michael Connelly

When Harry Bosch retired from the LAPD he took a file of cold cases with him. Cases he was determined to find justice for.

Bosch was on a movie set asking some questions about a murder he was investigating when the delivery for a large cash outlay for a movie production went all wrong. Thieves hit the set, the money disappeared and a man was shot. Also involved or thought to be involved was the murder of the accountant, a young woman. Bosch, now wants to solve his former case but no longer has the authority of the police department behind him.

Although no link from the murder to the robbery exists Bosch's intuition says that it does. One of the policeman originally investigating the case is dead and the other is in a wheelchair. Bosch's dogginess and stubbornness is his best asset as he keeps at it in spite of overwhelming odds to find the perpetrator.

Bosch seems to come into his own as he is now his own boss. Several of characters from past stories show up, some of them not too happy with Bosch and the way he left the LAPD. Eleanor, Bosch's ex-wife also helps him and it is nice to see this relationship grow ever so slightly.

I love Connelly's Bosch series and look forward to the next in the series.

First Line: "There is no end of things in the heart."


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