Friday, November 25, 2011

Julie and Romeo by Jeanne Ray

Julie and Romeo by Jeanne Ray

The Rosemans and the Cacciamanis have hated each other as long as they remember. Running competing flower shops, many bad things have been done to each other, including salting rose bushes. But when Julie Roseman meets Romeo Cacciamani at a conference, all she feels is wonder about why this feud has gone on so long. The two share a coffee, and then dinner, and then all hell breaks loose when their children find out that they have spent time together. Navigating between their angry family and budding love, can their relationship survive and can they figure out what they are all fighting about anyways?

This book is a simple romance and easy to read. Though I really do wish the author had come up with an easier last name to read than "Cacciamani". I'm sure there are a lot of other, shorter Italian last names that could have been used. It was nice that the love story didn't involve 20-somethings, but actually 60 year olds, putting a more mature twist on the story. It was cute but nothing special.

First Line: "The first time I heard the name Cacciamani, I was five years old."


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