Friday, February 17, 2012

Julie and Romeo

Julie and Romeo by Jeanne Ray

Romeo Cacciamani and Julie Roseman are competing florists in Somerville, MA, whose families have feuded for generations. Romeo's son Tony and Julie's daughter Sandy tried to date in high school but the families made sure it didn't get very far. Romeo and Julie meet at a small-business seminar and start a love affair that will not be happily celebrated by either of their families. Even though some of the family has no clue about how the feud got started, it still goes on, hurtful as it can be. Will anyone get out an olive branch?

This book has over the top situations that are just plain funny. A plain old-fashioned romance on the Romeo and Juliet theme but the protagonists are in the 60s. This is a welcome change from the girls with their flowing locks and fluttering eyelashes and guys with their brawn and might.

As an aside, I read the sequel first and consider it to be better than this book

First Line: "The first time I heard the name Cacciamani I was five years old."


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