Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hpw I Came to Sparkle Again

How I Came to Sparkle Again by Kaya McLaren
Chick Lit
This is a story of three people searching to heal from loss and find love and understanding.

Jill Anthony has just suffered a miscarriage when she returns home to find her husband in the arms of another woman. She flees to where she spent her young adult years, Sparkle, Colorado. Her husband not knowing what has happened cancels her credit cards and Jill now also has financial difficulties. She gets a job working with the ski patrol and babysitting Cassie.

Cassie has lost her mother to breast cancer and is trying to cope. She is so sad but doesn't want to upset her dad. She feels that her mother is sending her messages from heaven for her to find heart-shaped rocks. She does not get along with her babysitters but her father, Mike thinks that Jill will be the last one. The other alternative is to send Cassie to Arizona to her grandparents.

Lisa is Jill's best friend but her life isn't going anywhere. She has had a steady stream of male friends with no lasting relationships. She is getting off that 'race track' and ready to actually look for and accept love.

Jill escapes to Lisa's place and ends up moving in to the Kennel next door. The Kennel is a sort of frat house for the mountain employees. Woman, sex and drugs abound.

The plot line of this book is totally predictable. What makes this book very enjoyable is the way McLaren has written the characters. They are fresh, quirky and lovable. McLaren has a knack for character development. I loved this light feel-good read

First Line: "It was fair to say Jill Anthony's first day back at work had been a disaster - so much so, in fact, that her supervisor had sent her home early."

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