Saturday, February 09, 2013

City of Light

City of Light by Lauren Belfer
Historical Fiction
City of Light is set in 1901 in Buffalo. The advent of electricity and the Pan World Exposition are setting the city ablaze in glory. There is much excitement and Buffalo is a happening place.

Spinster headmistress (Louisa Barrett) of an upper crust girls' school is godmother to industrialist Tom Sinclair's daughter. She does not know what to do when an important man is found dead in Delaware Park. Is Sinclair involved? Was it suicide, accident or murder?

Tom Sinclair is in charge of the bringing on board of further electrical power. He would like to share it with the world. Of course, some want only businesses to have electricity and others do not want it at all as it will use up all the water in the Niagara River.

I did not know that Buffalo was such a gem of a city. What on earth happened? I loved this story with its intrigue and beautiful descriptions of a bygone era and city.

First Line: "On the first Monday in March 1901, in the early evening when the sound of sleigh bells filled the air, a student unexpectedly knocked at my door."

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