Sunday, April 21, 2013

Three in Death

Three in Death by J. D. Robb
Three great novellas in the In Death series (7.5,12.5, 22.5)

Interlude in Death

Eve must go to the off planet resort, Olympus to give a speech. She meets a legendary cop that wants to put Roarke behind bars because Roarke's father was one of the crooks who got away. When the cop's bodyguard is murdered, Eve must find the killer before Roarke is charged .

Midnight in Death

One of the serial killers Dallas has already put away escapes. This killer has a list of who put him away starting with Judge Wainger who has shown up dead and tortured in Rockefeller Square and ending with Dallas. Dr. Mira is also on this list. This is a more personal one.

Haunted in Death

Eve Dallas gets a surprise when she goes to Twelve East Twelfth and finds a dead body with gunshots wounds and even more surprising is the over eighty year old skeleton. Ghosts couldn't have killed so, who was the murderer. A bit of paranormal and some old fashioned detective work in this short story.

I do not usually enjoy short stories but these were interesting and great to read

First Line: "The Faces of murder were varied and complex."

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