Thursday, May 23, 2013


Mort by Terry Pratchett
Mort is a young farmboy who goes to the market in search of a job. He is still there at midnight long after most people have been taken when
"Death comes to us all.
When he came to Mort, he offered him a job."

Mort is apprenticed to Death. Death teaches him how to usher a life to the next world and other intricacies of his job. Then Death takes a rest and leaves Mort to do the job. Mort does not do well when he encounters a princess who is supposed to die and he just can not let that happen. The world is now out of synch and will anything to 'right' itself.

This is the first Discworld book I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved how Pratchett strings the words together and turns everything upside down or sideways.

First Line: "This is a bright candlelit room where the life-timers are stored - shelf upon shelf of them, squat hourglasses, one for every living person, pouring their fine sand from the future into the past."

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