Monday, December 28, 2015

Life on the Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers


Claire and her mother exchange notes on the refrigerator door because with their busy schedules that's sometimes the only way they can communicate. Claire is a typical teenager with boy troubles and her mom is a working single mother that's on call frequently as a doctor. At first the notes are trivial: groceries to get, allowance needed, don't forget your keys! Then they become more serious as Claire's mother learns she has cancer.

This book is a quick and sad read. You know what's coming but it's still like a punch in the gut when you get there. As someone who has lost a mom to cancer, I was tearing up at the end of this book as it brought back many memories.

This book is sad for another reason too, which is how little Claire and her mom were able to communicate with each other. It seems that they were having major conversations on paper, which should have been had in person. It's too bad that many of these conversations took place on paper and I'm sure by the end of the book Claire regrets many of the decisions that she made. As she should.

First Line: "Hey Claire-Bear."


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