Saturday, September 03, 2016

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch


Randy Pausch is known for his viral video of the 'last lecture' he gave at Carnegie Mellon, with only months left to live after his diagnosis of terminal cancer. He gave the lecture knowing it would be videotaped and there would be a piece of him permanently there for his kids to watch. With three kids, his youngest just 18 months, Pausch knew he had to leave something for his kids to understand who he was and how much he loved them.

The book talks through how to achieve your childhood dreams. It shows the importance of not giving up on those dreams, no matter how old you are, as they can still come true even late in life. It also gives some advice of how to be a good person, which seems to be aimed at his kids to learn from.

While I appreciate Pausch's positive attitude and what he's trying to do with this book, I didn't really learn anything from it. Most of it is common sense. Nothing blew me away. It was an ok read.

First Line: "I have an engineering problem"


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