Monday, June 11, 2007

Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore

Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore

Sam Hunter (formally known as Samson Hunts Alone) has abandoned his Crow Indian roots after a run in with the law. He lives as a "white person" until his Crow roots catch up with him. Coyote, Sam's Indian God, appears one day and turns Sams life upside down. Coyote causes Sam to nearly lose his job and home, takes advantage of Sam's secretary, and helps Sam pursue a beautiful girl called Calliope. All of this brings Sam back to his roots. He ends up at home with his uncles trying to find a way to get Coyote back from where he came, and save Calliope.
In comparison to the last Christopher Moore book I read (Practical Demonkeeping), this book wasn't as good. I was expecting multiple story lines that all eventually found their way together in unexpected ways. This one had only two main story lines (Sam's and Pookey's). They were interesting, but definitely weird. The humour wasn't enough to get me through the weirdness of the book and although I finished it, it definitely isn't a top rated book for me.




Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I think this was the second Moore I read, too, after Bloodsucking Fiends. It didn't hold up, no. But I still remember Coyote going nuts in the guy's apartment. That's gotta count for something. (especially because I don't remember much of BF)

Lauren said...

The most I remember about that scene was Sam getting his big screen tv shot lol What does that say about my priorities?