Monday, December 03, 2007

Death at Buckingham Palace by C.C. Benison

Death at Buckingham Palace by C.C. Benison
Cozy Mystery

Jane Bee did a whirlwind trip of Europe until she found herself in London, England broke with no way to return back home to Canada. Her great aunt helped her find a position at Buckingham Palace where Jane works as a housemaid. When Jane rushes to find out the source of a loud gasp, Jane finds the Queen literally stumbling over the dead body of Jane's friend Robin. The Queen enlists the help of Jane to find out if this was suicide or if it was murder.

It was nice to read a book where the main character is a Canadian. It's not often characters are Canadian and talk about their heritage. I'm not big on cozy mysteries, so that could be why I found this book didn't do a great job of grabbing my attention. I found it kind of slow, but I did manage to get through the whole thing so it wasn't necessarily dull. That being said, I won't be reading anymore in the series.



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