Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hush by Mark Nykanen
Sick Shit

Davy Boyce is referred to a childrens' center in rural Oregon because he is mute and becomes a violent biter when annoyed. Celia Griswold is an art therapist at the center. Her new boss is not a big proponent of art therapy. As Davy slowly responds to the art therapy his drawings get more and more bizarre, leading Celia to suspect the very worse of situations. She suspects abuse and very severe emotional trauma. Can she get anyone else to see her suspicions?

Celia has her own problems. Her husband is becoming more and more remote and just at a time when she wants to start a family. Celia and her husband live in a remote although beautiful area but a scary shepard had moved his herd into the area causing Celia some concern.

Then there is Chet, Davy's stepfather, the most scariest of men. What he has planned for Celia and Davy is the sickiest and grizzliest of scenarios.

First Line: "Davy Boyce climbed on top of another gray stump and fired again."



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