Sunday, January 10, 2010

Strip Tease

Strip Tease by Carl Hiaasen

Erin Grant has had to resort to stripping to make some money in order to get custody of her daughter. Her ex's job is stealing wheelchairs but the criminal is a snitch and therefore his criminal activities are hidden from family court and he gets custody.

During one of Erin's performances a groom-to-be gets carried away and Dilbeck, a congressman starts pummeling him with a champagne bottle. Mr. Peepers takes pictures of the whole event and assures Erin he can put pressure on Dilbeck to put pressure on the family court judge. Dilbeck involves Malcolm "Moldy" Moldowsky, the fixer. The end result is a dead Mr. Peepers.

The mystery continues collecting dead bodies and involving the lovable bouncer of the strip club trying to score a lot of money on a fraudent lawsuit.

Hiaasen writes a witty and funny mystery. I loved it

First Line: "On the night of September sixth, the eve of Paul Gruber's wedding, his buddies took him to a strip joint near Fort Lauderdale for a bachelor party."



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