Friday, December 31, 2010

Lost Light by Michael Connelly

Lost Light by Michael Connelly

Former Detective Harry Bosch has finally retired but can't let one case go. The case was from four years prior and involved a murdered actress and a $2 million heist, taken place within a week. Bosch is forced to hand the investigation over to another team and within a year of the case, the two lead investigators are caught in a shoot-out. One dies and the other becomes paralyzed.

Bosch visits the paralyzed cop to try and get more details about the case and then is warned off by his old partner because there are bigger forces at work. The FBI soon warns Bosch off and he is taken and held in a cell for half a day as a "warning". That doesn't convince Bosch to give up because he can't let this case go.

This wasn't my favourite book in the Bosch series but it was still good. I found the FBI part of the case a bit over the top and got tired of everyone tailing Bosch around. When it was finally revealed who the culprit was, I didn't find it too satisfying because Bosch had spent so long chasing other leads that felt pretty unrelated.

First Line: "The last thing I expected was for Alexander Taylor to answer his own door."


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