Friday, December 03, 2010

The Night Shift

The Night Shift by Dr. Brian Goldman

Dr. Brian Goldman is an emergency room doctor at Mount Sinai in downtown Toronto. He is also a Radio medical journalist having his own show on CBC. In this book he goes through one of his night shifts highlighting the various cases.

One case is about a woman who is giving birth having never realized she was pregnant. Also highlighted are the people who come in in search of a 'fix' and the creative ways they attempt to get their drugs. Although Mount Sinai does not get the gun shot and knife trauma there is more than enough interesting cases.

I found some of the way our health care system works to be very troubling. For instance, older people have more difficulty finding a GP because GPs do not want to deal with the increased health demands of an older person. It is much faster and more economical to treat a younger person with one problem than an older person with a host of problems.

Dr. Goldman seems to be a doctor who really cares about his patients and our health care system. He is basically working on two careers and how he finds the time to do both and write a book is phenomenal.

First Line: "Some people choose to work nights."


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