Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Secret of the Glass by Donna Russo Morin
Historical Romance

Sophia Fiolario is the daughter of renown glass-maker Zeno Fiolario of Murano. This is the early 1600s and it is forbidden for glass-makers to leave Murano under punishment of death. Zeno has taught his daughter the secrets and she is making beautiful glassware during the night. If anyone should find out that a woman is making glass, there would be a huge scandal and Sophia's life could be in danger.

Zeno has started to show signs of dementia which would put his family at risk since there are no male heirs. Galileo commissions the factory to make some very special pieces of glass for his latest invention. With her father unable to comply, Sophia fulfills the order.

Sophia has reluctantly consented to marry Pasquale Da Fuligna , a poor nobleman. Neither of them care for the other and Pasquale only wishes her money and will buy her siblings and mother a place in a convent. Sophia would be banished from the furnaces. Sophia must marry him unless she can find some sort of escape.

As Sophia is taken to balls and musicals she meets another poor nobleman, Teodoro whom she falls madly in love with. Teodoro is however the youngest son and must not marry.

A historical romance in the truest fashion, this book delivers. The history of the famous glass-makers of Murano is intricately woven with the intrigues and frustrations of romance.

First Line: "The scalding heat rose up before her, reaching deep inside her like a selfish lover grasping for her soul."


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