Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Analyst

The Analyst by John Katzenback

Dr. Frederick Starks is a New York Psychoanalyst. On his 53rd birthday, he receives a note from Rumplestiltskin. In 15 days he must find out the identity of R and the reason he is out to destroy him. If he fails then R will destroy 52 of Dr. Starks' loved ones, one by one until he commits suicide.

Is this for real? Starks, a widower has led an uneventful routine life. As the days unfold it becomes all too plain how serious this threat is as Starks' bank account is rifled, his credit ruined and even his apartment destroyed. Can Starks find out who R is in time?

This is one of those thrillers that is riveting. It is definitely on my Best of 2011 list. This is the first of Katzenbach's books I have read and he is now on my TBR list. Loved it!!!!

First Line: "In the year he fully expected to die, he spent the majority of his fifty-third birthday as he did most other days, listening to people complain about their mothers."


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