Thursday, March 07, 2013

Born in Death

Born in Death by J. D. Robb
This time Eve Dallas has a very busy time. Two young lovers have been found murdered from the same accounting firm. That same accounting firm is making doubly sure that no information regarding their accounts will ever land in the police's hands.

At the same time Eve and Roarke attend the dreaded birthing coach's class and Eve is preparing for the baby shower that she is to give Mavis. Eve doesn't have a clue and Peabody helps her out. But Tandy Willowby, a friend from Mavis' birthing classes has gone missing and Mavis asks Eve to find her.  Eve struggles with all this estrogen in the air but she is such a true friend.

It almost feels as if there is just too much going on. Eve is stretched to the limit in this book. The writing is clever and the reader feels the tension and fatigue. I love the repartee between Eve and Somerset.

First Line: "The ways and means of friendship were murderous."

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