Friday, March 29, 2013

Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett

Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett

Death has been forced in to retirement for taking too much care in those he ushers beyond death. He decides to take up as a farm hand, calling himself Bill Door and living with Miss. Flitworth that runs the farm. Death starts to enjoy (as much as Death can enjoy something) the monotony of living life. However without Death, there's no where for souls to go and things are starting to get crowded. Life force is building up and hatching eggs in the shape of globes.

When wizard Windle Poons dies, his soul has no where to go so he goes back to his body and wanders around undead. His wizard colleagues aren't too happy about having a dead Poons around and try to push him back towards death but nothing seems to help. Eventually they stop, and Poons helps them determine why there is so much built up life force.

I had read two Discworld books prior to this; one in the wizards series and one in the death series. I didn't like the wizards one, but did like the Death book. This had both and I found that I enjoyed the Death part of the novel but not the wizards part. For some reason, I can't follow the wizards and their crazy story lines. Half the stuff they say makes no sense to me. Why do they always say Yo? What's with the librarian that makes no sense? It is just completely beyond me.

First Line: "The Morris dance is common toall inhabited worlds in the mutliverse."


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