Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Girls' Poker Night by Jill A. Davis

Girls' Poker Night by Jill A. Davis
Chick Lit

Ruby Capote moves from Boston to New York to escape her boyfriend and start a new job as a columnist. She starts to fall for her boss, the editor of The New York News, but she has commitment issues and pushes him away. Ruby also discusses her shrink, her co-workers, and her weekly poker sessions with her friends.

The book is written in very small snippets that led me to believe Davis might be a stand up comedian. She used to write for David Lettermen and other tv shows, so I guess that explains it. It's writing for people with ADD and it's really annoying. It's like Davis wanted to get a joke out of most of those snippets, until about 1/10th the way through the book where nothing is funny anymore (and it wasn't that funny to begin with).

The main character, Ruby, is flakey and impossible to like. Her friends seem superficial. I couldn't relate to the characters, the storyline, and I didn't really care. If you have this book in your TBR pile, pass it on!



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