Sunday, February 03, 2008

Stands a Calder Man

Stands a Calder Man by Janet Dailey

Webb Calder is Benteen Calder's son, the owner of Triple C Ranch in Montana. Webb wants just to be one of the cowboys but his father wants him to step up and take on some responsibility. When will he ever grow up?

The ranch has been in operation for awhile and the railways want to generate more business. The Homesteaders Act is pushed though and now drylanders are flocking to Montana to try their luck. They must cope with drought, cold and very inhospitable conditions to grow a little wheat. Among the first wave of 'nesters' is Lilli and her husband. Webb falls in love at first sight and has trouble keeping his hands off of her.

There is the usual love story but also some insight into the history of Montana around WWI. There is also a bit of intrigue due to the conflict between the cowboys and farmers.



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