Thursday, August 14, 2008

Queen Bee of the Mimosa Branch

Queen Bee of the Mimosa Branch by Author Name
Hen Lit

Linwood Breedlove Scott's life is a mess. Her husband has left her for a stripper and drained all their bank accounts and owes the IRS. She has nothing. Returning home to a small Southern town, Lin finds nothing has changed. Her mother is still controlling and her father has no problem telling her what she has done wrong. Her Aunt Gloria and Uncle Bedford who has Altzheimers are living with her parents. Her brother still doesn't have a job.

Home she must go. She finds a job and gets involved in local politics and even tries to date. What she finds eventually at home is the loving of a good family and some very good friends.

Haywood Smith seems to write books that really 'talk' to me. I find them funny and some of the situations are all too familiar.

I read this for the What's in a Name challenge

First Line: "I took the long way home that fateful midsummer day last July, maybe because I still couldn't believe what I was about to do"



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