Thursday, July 19, 2012

Club Dead

Club Dead by Charlaine Harris
Urban Fantasy
This is the third installment of Sookie Stackhouse.  Bill, her vampire boyfriend, leaves to go on a business trip for an extended period of time.  The relationship has not been going well.  Eric, the lead vampire in the area, asks Sookie to use her telepathy and go to Mississippi to find Bill who has been visiting an old flame and gotten himself kidnapped.  WHAT??

Sookie goes and is escorted by Alcide Herveraux who is a yummy werewolf.  They visit Club Dead, owned by the vampire king of Mississippi.  They follow the clues and of course Eric shows up in disguise.  There is a lot of mayhem, murder, stakings and torture.  And a full moon at exactly the right time which brings out all the werewolves.  

This is a fun fluff read.  Sookie is a bit too kind as who goes to rescue a boyfriend who has been cheating on you.  Why does every supernatural being fall in love with Sookie?  This is getting a bit much or maybe I am jealous :)


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