Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dead to the World

Dead to the World  by Charlaine Harris


Sookie and Bill have broken up and Bill has gone to Peru.  Sookie, returning home after her job in Merlotte's Bar, sees a half-naked man running up her street.  Being in an isolated area, Sookie stops to find Eric, the vampire Sheriff, in a very bad state.  He has lost his memory and is now basically a loveable 'teddy bear'.  If a vampire can be called that.

Evidently the witches responsible for his memory loss want him found and dead.  It is up to Sookie to hide and protect him.  Sookie loves the new Eric and one thing leads to another......

At the same time Sookie's brother Jason goes missing.  Sookie tries her hardest to find him.  We have were-animals ( all of them seem to be represented), witches ( good and bad) and vampires. 

Unlike many others I do not like the new Eric as well, he is just too soft and likeable.  A little edge is good.  Sookie, what can I say, supes are just not good for you.  Lots of pain and death all around. 

This series is addictive.  Why?  Maybe because we know these vamps aren't good for Sookie and like in real life what isn't good for you is more interesting then what is good for you.

First Line: "I found the note taped to my door when I got home from work."

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