Sunday, July 29, 2012

Visions in Death

Visions in Death by J. D. Robb
Elisa Maplewood had been brutally attacked, raped, and murdered in Central Park. She was placed on the rocks overlooking the lake with her hands posed as if she’s in prayer and then her killer surgically removed her eyes and took them with him.

Eve is called into the case on her way home from a function with Roarke. The next day a physic, Celina Sanchez, calls Eve to say she has seen the whole murder in her dreams. She appears to have details the police have not yet released. Eve, very reluctantly, brings her on as a consultant to the police.

As the bodies keep coming, the police don't seem to be able to catch the perpetrator. Peabody is attacked on her way home from the subway and miraculously escapes but not without a lot of injuries. This raises the stakes and now the whole police department is on the hunt.

Mavis and Lenardo are closer to having their baby with the common parental fears.

I loved this 19th book especially the twist. Eve and Roarke , what's not to love?

First Line: "She'd gotten through the entire evening without killing anyone."

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