Thursday, January 18, 2007

McNally's Risk

McNally's Risk by Lawrence Sanders

P.I. Archy McNally mixes business with pleasure when he's hired by a well-heeled society matron to investigate the fiancee of her wealthy son. Archy suspects that he is flirting with danger when he finds the stunning bride-to-be involved in murder.
How can anyone not like Archy McNally. He is such a rogue and old-fashioned playboy. This time he has been asked to investigate a temptress before her society wedding. He is seduced by her and then the murders start....
Favourite Character: Archy of course
Least Favourite Character: Theo. I just hate beautiful gold-digging women probably because I am not beautiful
Best Part of the Story: I loved the descriptions of the food. Mouth watering
Least Favourite Part of the Story: I really didn't like that Archy was so easily seduced
What was missing: The actual food described :)



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