Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Spy Girl by Amy Gray

Spy Girl by Amy Gray

This book is credited as being a non-fiction, but I'm suspicious. Can anyone's life be like Amy Gray's? This book is essentially a chick lit book. Amy find a job at a PI company that is as dysfunctional as any small company can be. Each employee has their own quirks (from being called Assman to parading around after hours at a club in a thong). Amy also talks about her love life and what's wrong with the guys she dates (and what is wrong with her when she screws up a perfectly good relationship). She uses headers for the chapter that are quite entertaining, including "A million and one ways to kill a caterpillar".
Really, reading this book is like watching Sex and the City (minus all the sex references). It was quirky and fun, and a pretty quick read!



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