Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Red Hat Club

The Red Hat Club by Haywood Smith
Woman's Fiction

I like Hen Lit. This was an enjoyable read. Five ladies are part of a group who grew up together in the Southern US. They help each other and along the way discover they are strong independant females. The lengths they go to to find the hidden assets and wrong-doing of one of the group's husbands is amazing
Most Liked Character: Linda. I identified with Linda. She seems to be the voice of reason at times.
Least Liked Character: SuSu. I just don't understand why the group keeps on putting up with her. Her lateness and self-absorbtion would drive me nuts
Best Part of the Book: When the group confronts Diane's husband with their evidence. Also the description of a car being driven in reverse for 5 miles is downright funny.
Worst Part of the Book: Although some of the traditions are good, they are too restrictive for the gossipy nature of the group
What was Missing: any seriousness. This book was just fluff




Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I often like hen lit, too, but sometimes, it's a bit ... unoriginal.

But to name a character SuSu??? Ugh. Gives all of us a bad image...

Dana said...

SuSu just evokes the South though LOL This was just a fluff book but kinda fun

Sheila said...

Hmm.. very intresting. I have this book. And I'm glad to read your review on it Dana. I would hate to be that husband with a bunch a women worse off than The First Wives Club ;)

Makes me wonder what this group is in real life. I always thought of being involved when I was older. LOL!
I'll have to read it soon. I could go for some fluff :)