Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Secret Scroll

The Secret Scroll by Ronald Cutler

Josh Cohan, an American Archaeologist, is on sabbatical in Israel after suffering professional disappointment. Following his instincts about a recurring dream, he discovers an antique scroll. Not willing to trust anyone he photographs it and then belatedly submits it to the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA). Josh believes the scroll to be written by Jesus Christ.

The Guardians, a violent Christian hate group thousands of years old, are anxious to obtain the scroll at any cost. The Guardians wish to dominate the world with their brand of evil. Who on the IAA is feeding the Guardians with information?

Josh joins with the IAA and their brilliant team of theologians and archaeologists to uncover the secrets of the scroll. While doing so, he falls in love with the beautiful daughter of one of the team members. This places her squarely in the face of all the danger. Will he be able to 'keep the girl' and the scroll?

Not only is there the mystery and intrigue, there is also a spiritual level to this book. One is led to think about Jesus as an individual and wonder about 'What If'. What if Jesus never ascended? What if the historical place is really not that spot? This book is one of the most well researched books I have ever read

First Line: "Josh Cohan was feeling spiritually heightened."



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