Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland


I really enjoy Douglas Coupland. I've read many of his novels with Microserfs at the top of my list, followed by Girlfriend in a Coma and All Families are Psychotic. I like the weird characters and even weirder situations they get in to.

This time, I just wasn't having it. I could only make it about 35 pages through this book before getting so annoyed I had to toss it. The characters are beyond ridiculous this time and it wreaks of trying too hard.

I'm disappointed. And sad that I couldn't finish a Coupland novel.

First Line: "A few years ago it dawned on me that everybody past a certain age - regardless of how they look on the outside - pretty much constantly dreams of being able to escape from their lives."

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The Riders by Tim Winton


Scully moves to Ireland ahead of his expecting wife and child, as they purchased a cottage in Ireland on whim. Scully needs to fix the house up, Jennifer his wife needs to sell their home in Australia. The Irish quickly notice a new person in the area, despite the cottage being rather remote, and Scully makes friends with Pete-the-Post who delivers his mail but also helps him with odd jobs. Pete delivers a telegram informing Scully that Jennifer has sold the house and she's coming with Billie on Sunday.

Sunday arrives and Scully travels to the airport to pick up his family but only Billie arrives. She refuses to talk about what's happened so they wait, expecting Jennifer on another plane but she never comes. Scully is determined to figure out what happened and travels across Europe with his daughter to find Jennifer.

Through Greece, Paris, and Amsterdam, we learn about Scully and Jennifer's background. Jennifer had a passion for art but no talent to back it up. Scully worked odd jobs with illegals which made Jennifer's friends look down on him.

I had a love/hate relationship with Scully. At first he seemed rather sensible and like a good dad but then he descended in to something he didn't seem to be. Chasing around Europe with a child, how is that good for your child? Eventually, Billie has to save her father from himself when he should be watching out for her. So many weird things happen to Billie, they all can be tied back to Scully's inability to parent her correctly.

I think this book can best be described as beautiful writing with no plot to back it up. There were times when I was confused about what was going on because the author was so vague in his descriptions as he went for literary beauty over comprehension. The ending left me miffed. There was a lot of build up for a big fizzle out.

First Line: "With the north wind hard at his back, Scully stood in the doorway and sniffed."


Friday, March 04, 2016

Romance when you need it!

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