Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mercy Street

Mercy Street by Mariah Stewart

Mary Corcoran's grandson Ryan and three of his friends met in a neighbourhood park. Two of them were shot dead and Ryan and Courtney Bauer are missing. Since there was no robbery and no other suspects, Ryan and Courtenay are presumed guilty. Ryan's grandmother believes in their innocence and wants to find out what really happened. Where are the missing teens? Why were they meeting in a park after dark? Robert Magellan, whose wife and infant son disappeared one year ago, agrees to fund the investigation by a competent investigator if one exists.

Enter Mallory Russo, ex-cop. Mallory has just resigned from the police force after a smear campaign forced her resignation. It was either resign or find herself alone in a dangerous situation or take a friendly bullet in the back. Mallory is reluctant to take the case but finds herself becoming intrigued and gets involved. She is a born investigator with the intuition and stubbornness required.

The police are dragging their feet as they are short-handed because there is a sniper on the loose. Charlie Wanamaker is Russo's replacement and assigned to the case. Mallory and Charlie work together to find the teens before the real killer does. There is lots of sizzle between these two.

Stewart pulls the reader into the book because her characters are so well developed. I wanted to smack the macho cop who has it in for Mallory.

This book is obviously a springboard for a series based on Mallory Russo. I want to find out about how Mallory's and Charlie's relationship develops and want to read about more of Mallory's cases. Will Mallory's next case be Magellan's lost wife?

First Line: "From the top of the jetty to the rocks below was roughly twelve feet, give or take"



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