Monday, September 29, 2008

by the time you read this

by the time you read this by Giles Blunt

John Cardinal's wife has committed suicide after being hospitalized for manic depression a number of times. When Cardinal, a police detective, receives a cruel note regarding her death he is determined to find her killer. Everyone believes it is a suicide. She has even left a note in what is indisputably her handwriting. Cardinal must investigate her death on his own. Who out of his past could want this kind of revenge?

Delorme, his colleague, is totally engrossed in a sex crimes case which the Toronto police have figured out from internet pictures to be in the local area. Delorme thinks that Cardinal is 'denying' his wife's death. Is she right?

I love the Canadian background to the book. Blunt takes local places and twists them enough for a Canadian to recognize (Algonquin Bay - North Bay). A great book with enough twists and turns to keep the interest going

First Line: "Nothing bad could ever happen on Madonna Road."



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