Tuesday, February 24, 2009

True Colors

True Colors by Kristin Hannah

The Grey sisters are the best of friends. They are very loving and supportive of each other. After their mother died when they were young, they became very close.

Their father, Henry, is so concerned about appearances he shows little regard for his daughters. He cares about his horse ranch and how he will look to others in the community. He is very critical and constantly disapproving.

Winona, the eldest is an overweight intellect. She has become a lawyer and lives in the nearby town. She actually is scared of horses and cares little about the land. She strives for her father's approval and continually tries to show him how worthy she is. She is in love with her high school chum but realizes she is not the 'ideal' woman.

Aurora, the middle child, has the perfect marriage and the perfect husband. She is the mediator of the family. She is always trying to make everyone happy.

Vivi Ann , the youngest, is the star. She is beautiful and vivacious. She loves the ranch and is a rodeo star. For Vivi Ann everything comes easy.

Winona wants to sell some land to save the ranch. Vivi Ann comes up with a way to finally make some money for the ranch but nobody takes her seriously. Luke, Winona's secret love, returns to town only to fall in love with Vivi Ann and become engaged. How can Winona be anything but jealous? And then Dallas, a native American cowboy enters the picture. The Grey sister's loyalty to each other is severely tested as a crime is committed and who knows who is to blame. Everyone in town is more than willing to take sides.

This story is a deep emotional study of sibling relationships. Have a box of tissues close by when you sit down to read it.

First Line: "Fifteen-year-old Winona Grey stared out at the waterfront ranch that had been in her family for four generations, looking for something that had changed."

True Colors at Chapters


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