Friday, August 07, 2009

The Lost Throne

The Lost Throne by Chris Kuzneski
Historical Thriller

This book should contain a warning: Beware, nothing will be done until the last page is read.

Jonathon Payne and D.J. Jones, former members of an elite special forces unit, are called by a man being pursued in St. Petersburg, Russia. The calls are missed and upon investigation they find out the calls are from Richard Byrd, an American archaeological smuggler. After a frantic call from Byrd's assistant they find themselves on the way to Russia to save Allison, a doctorate candidate. Allison has seen Byrd murdered in front of her and doesn't know what to do next. She is doing research on Heinrich Schliemann a quirky treasure hunter of Grecian artifacts from the 1800s. Schliemann collapsed and died in Naples after mumbling incoherent words in 22 languages. Was he on to another important discovery? Scliemann had connections with The Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia. Did Byrd hope to find a trail?

In Meteroa, Greece in a monastery on top of a stone pillar a group of ancient warriors invade and behead the monks inside. Nick Dial of Interpol and a young Greek policeman try to solve the mystery. Where did this group of ancient warriors come from and what did they want? Why were the monks beheaded?

These two groups work in parallel solving the mystery. The bodies keep on piling up and what the treasure is is slowly revealed. This book is a fantastic thriller which will keep you up all night turning the pages.

I also appreciated the Afterword by the author where he stated that some parts of this unbelievable story are true.

First Line: "The greatest secret of Ancient Greece was silenced by a death in Italy."

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Melissa said...

Wow, this sounds really, really good! Going to add it to my wish list right now. Thanks for the great review, I'm glad you enjoyed it!!