Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hour Game

Hour Game by David Baldacci

A woman is found murdered in the woods. On her wrist is a watch set to one. There follows a series of murders copying the styles of famous serial killers. The hunt is on for Sean King and Michelle Maxwell to find the killer. But what is his motive and who might be his next victim.

In the meantime King and Maxwell, ex Secret Service agents, have been hired to defend Junior against burglary charges. Junior supposedly robbed the richest family in the area, the Battles. The Battles are a very dysfunctional family with scads of money.

When Bobby Battle is murdered it looks like the serial killer has struck again. But is this a copy of the copycat? It is all very complicated as one person after another is murdered and the secrets are slowly revealed.

First Line: "The man in the rain slicker walked slightly bent over, his breathing labored and his body sweaty."



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