Monday, June 21, 2010

A Merry Little Murder

A Merry Little Murder by Shelley Freydont
Cozy Mystery

Lindy Haggerty is the rehearsal director for the Jeremy Ash Dance Company and they are set to perform in Atlantic City at the International Stars Ballroom Competition. Dawn Gilpatrick is quick to clue Lindy in on the latest gossip and politics of the dance world, including the fact that her ex-husband and ex-partner is trying to steal her best couple, Shane Corbett and Katja Abdretevsjty.

Shane is found murdered wearing an Enrico dress and Katja is missing.

In the meantime someone has broken into Enrico's booth and destroyed all his designer gowns. And if that were not enough Lindy's boyfriend Bill Brandecker, a former New York detective comes to spend a little time with her. Lindy is unsure of the relationship because she still isn't sure what the status of her marriage with Glen is. Glen has stated he is not returning to the marriage but Lindy is soooo confused.

This book is full of catfights, scandals, lovers' tiffs and twists and turns. It is labelled a cozy mystery but be forewarned the perpetrator is known about 2 minutes after the murder is discovered.

First Line: "--five, six... Lindy Graham Haggerty counted seven toupees as she looked around the crowded lobby of the Grand Pavilion Hotal and Casino."


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