Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sam's Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson

Sam's Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson

Jennifer's experienced a lot of loss in her life. Most recently, her husband passed away in a surfing accident while waiting for Jennifer to finish work and join him on vacation. When Jennifer gets a call that her grandmother Sam is in a coma, Jennifer doesn't know how much more she can take. She drives to Lake Geneva to be by her grandmother's bedside at the hospital, living in her house waiting for Sam to get better.

Jennifer finds a stack of letters from Sam saying that her life isn't what everyone thought it was. Turns out that Sam had a horrible marriage and a secret lover. As Jennifer learns about her grandmother's past, she meets Brendon who is also staying at Lake Geneva for the summer. Can Sam's letters help Jennifer move past her heartache? Will Sam recover and come out of a coma?

This is a simple but pleasing read and a good one for the summer. This is completely different from James Patterson's normal novels. I almost felt like his wife helped him out with the romance of the novel because the overall tone was quite feminine. Overall, an average book.

First Line: "Sam and I are sitting on a mostly deserted beach on Lake Michigan a little north of the Drake Hotel in Chicago."


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