Monday, October 11, 2010

Dewey's Nine Lives

Dewey's Nine Lives by Vicki Myron

Dewey's Nine Lives is nine stories about or inspired by Dewey, the library cat. The stories are told from the viewpoint of Dewey's 'mom', author Vicki Myron. There is a story about how Dewey affected a lady who was a regular at the library and how his legacy lives on without him since he has died. Another story is about a soldier who returns from the Viet Cong a troubled and unhappy soul. A rescue cat helps him open himself up to relationships by being persistent and loving.

An Alaskan divorced mom saves a kitten from drowning on Christmas Eve to form a life-long bond. This cat inspires her to do her best and persevere in her own life. And then there is the story of the cats of Sanibel Island and how the cats of the Colony Resort touched those who lived and visited there. I can just imagine dozens of cats sitting on the rungs of a ladder.

I am not a cat lover but I am an animal lover and these stories can not help but captivate the reader. Time and time again a cat is shown to have 'picked' the person who needs him or her most. By unconditional love the cat has managed to 'save' or help when they are needed. Each of these stories is heart-warming and inspiring. I, too, believe in the magic of these cats.

First Line: "Thank you, Vicki, and thank you, Dewey ... I don't believe in angels, but Dewey comes close."
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Jeane said...

I love heartwarming stories about animals, especially cats!